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Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery

Discover the face behind the 5th Earl Cafe in Rosebery


7 May 1847, London


21 May 1929, Epsom, Surrey

Dates in office

1894 to 1895

Interesting facts

Rosebery's declared ambitions were to marry an heiress, own a horse that won the Derby and be Prime Minister. He fulfilled all 3.


The Earl of Rosebery is best known today as a staunch upholder of the British Empire. Born into a Scottish aristocratic family, the Earl of Rosebery attended Eton and Christ Church, Oxford, where he developed an interest in both politics and horseracing.

While at Oxford, he succeeded to his grandfather’s title as 5th Earl of Rosebery in 1868, and took up his seat in the House of Lords.

Source: Gov.UK

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